Payment Rates

My ethos is each person is unique, to be treated with: respect, dignity & intelligence.

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I offer a tailored 1:1 service based on:

* individual need
* location
* and circumstances!

Examples of the services I can provide:

  • Supporting to keep fit and active.
  • Helping clients to find adaptions for:  Disability, or life changing conditions and problems.
  • For services and interests to improve your life and ability!

Please take a look at the other pages on my website. If you feel my service and approach may be for you? Then I look forward to working with/for YOU. As I believe with the right help and support. YOU can access YOUR ability = to improve your life!!

Fish in a bowl being filled up with water

Genuine enquiries can be made via e-mail:

or via the Contact a-2-a Form

I can help and support you via:

FaceTime, Skype or a phone session. 

My charge rates are £20 for a full 1 hour.  

*  If unable to pay for my services privately?  We can discuss other options.  Your local Social Services department can advise you of a Direct Payment or Personal Budget Plan.  If eligible, and subject to a confidential assessment, these payments can help Social Service clients pay for services needed.  If you live in East Sussex, contact: East Sussex County Council Adult Social Care on: 0345 60 80 191 or 01323 464 440 for Direct Payments or Personal Budget advice.

*      Or Possibility People who provide a Direct Payments Support Service for people living in; Brighton, Hove and East Sussex.

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“Don’t be like this Gold Fish – escape to access YOUR ability to improve YOUR life”

Their e-mail address is:
Telephone Number 01273 894055 or 01424 234466.